About GAIN Nutrition

Sam MacIntosh is the Precision Nutrition-certified coach behind GAIN Nutrition.

Sam has worked with nutritional clients ranging from elite powerlifters, consultant physicians, weekend warriors, clients completely new to exercise, and competitive CrossFitters. Sam was editorial manager and nutrition contributor for BreakingMuscle.com and appeared on BBC Radio to discuss women in weightlifting earlier this year.

Sam played football from her pre-teens through to university, briefly switching to rugby when she was 25. It was then that she was introduced to strength training and weightlifting by a teammate and began training in CrossFit in late 2013. Shortly after, Chet Morjaria of Strength Education took her on as a powerlifting athlete and coached her to first in her weight class at the 2014 Welsh Powerlifting Open.

Sam is passionate about empowering nutritional clients to think independently, build lifelong habits, and enjoy the process. She’s a recovering perfectionist, and enjoys coffee, books, and cinnamon doughnuts.

Sam Macintosh
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